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We're a locally owned social business & part of a growing movement of clinics located all over the world. We're members of POCA, a cooperative founded to grow sustainable, affordable healthcare that really works. More about us...

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$10 acupuncture for
Folks who work in restaurants & food service:
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Seminole Heights Community Acupuncture provides a variety of services to help you care for yourself. We specialize in community acupuncture, a style originating from the way acupuncture is authentically practiced in China. Patients receive acupuncture in a group setting and receive treatments until their health conditions are fully resolved or greatly improved. Because we have studied extensively in a special distal type of acupuncture style, we can very effectively treat you without requiring you to undress; most points are from the elbows to the fingers, knees to toes, and head, scalp and ear lobes.

We believe you will feel quite comfortable and relaxed being treated among others in our soothing community setting. One of the best parts of our clinic, we think, is that we allow you to determine your treatment time. You may stay as long as you’d like as long as we have room, or until the clinic closes. Having a community room also allows us to practice acupuncture with a more streamlined approach, allowing us to offer more acupuncture to more people while making it affordable. In this way our clinic is capable of touching more of our community in a positive way.

Seminole Heights Community Acupuncture appreciates the diversity of human beings and does not discriminate based on race, age, religion, ability, marital status, sexual orientation, sex, body size or shape, gender identity, national origin, language, education, or HIV status.


Why Community Acupuncture?

Because acupuncture does not have to be expensive in order to be effective
Because military budgets balloon while health care is cut
Because nothing breaks through the isolation of pain, illness and depression like
healing in a room with other humans
Because our favorite way to spread the word
about how well acupuncture works is to make it available to people
Because we are pleased to challenge the notion of value being attached to price
Because there aren’t enough spaces where strangers
switch off cell phones and slumber side by side
Because for thousands of years acupuncture has been
practiced in groups
Because returning acupuncture to its roots
makes us the happiest of humble radicals
Because the vast majority of us love our work so much
we couldn’t imagine doing anything else –

We are a part of the community acupuncture movement.
The Liberation Acupuncture Manifesto


calmest revolution video
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Sliding Scale Fees

The sliding scale separates financial concerns from getting care.
We make it affordable so you can come in often enough to see the results you want.

At Seminole Heights Community Acupuncture,
we believe healing should relieve your burden, and paying for it shouldn’t add to it.
We want you to come to Seminole Heights Community Acupuncture often enough to feel better
and how much you pay should enable you to do just that.

You choose what rates to pay from our sliding scale. That’s it. Come in, come often, feel better.


Freedom from Pain and Relief from Stress

It doesn’t matter if it’s stress, pain, or internal distress.
It doesn’t matter if you already feel good, but want to feel better.

It may just be a chance to stop and be still in an otherwise busy life. It’s up to you.
We help you simplify your healing in an otherwise complicated world.

We are Tampa’s Community Acupuncture: in the Heart of the Heights!

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