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Regarding COVID-19

Things are Changing So Check Back Often

The new Coronavirus and COVID-19 are changing many things in our lives. Follow this space for news of community acupuncture's return and to learn about TeleHealth, our new service. 

Dear Friends,

As of March 20th, 2020, we have temporarily ceased providing acupuncture at Seminole Heights Community Acupuncture.

We closed for 3 reasons: first, new federal and state guidelines were put in place prohibiting groups of 10 or more people in order to halt the spread of coronavirus. And then late in the day on March 20th, Gov. DeSantis closed all medical practices: here’s his Executive Order.

Most importantly, we want to help Tampa stop the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve. At this time, we need to work together as a community, stay home, and practice social distancing, so we can limit the number of people at any one time who need hospital resources, like ventilators.

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Continuity of Care

To provide you with continuity of care we have begun to offer TeleHealth sessions. Our new TeleHealth service allows us to interact directly with our patients via the internet (aka Videoconferencing), from the privacy of your own home. Keep an eye on your email for more information about TeleHealth and using traditional Chinese medicine at home.

The brick & mortar SHCA will be open again as soon as possible! We’ll send an email update when we are preparing to reopen.

We’ll be missing you so stay in touch!

In community & solidarity,

Gururas & the SHCA Crew

🐯P.S. We know this is a trying time for us all. We’re part of a cooperative and have always found tough times are easier with a little help from our friends. In fact, our friends at Working Class Acupuncture (WCA) want to help. If you feel like kitty gifs and videos might help you feel better, our friends at WCA will send your one a day —  direct to your email inbox.🐈

If you want in, sign up HERE for WCAs COVID fighting cats. It will be just cuteness and laughs, nothing more.🐱

COVID-19 Resources

🖥 The City of Tampa has COVID-19 Information web resources for people in the Tampa area.

☎️ The Florida COVID-19 Call Center is available 24/7 +1 (866) 779-6121 or email

REMEMBER Stay connected & get the care you need!

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

When to Cancel


Our Cancelation Policy: During the COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic, things have changed, and we change with them. If you’re ever sick and wondering whether you should cancel your acupuncture appointment, here are some guidelines.

You should cancel if you have:
– had a fever in the last 2 weeks
– cared for or are living with someone with a fever in the last 2 weeks
– significant sneezing or coughing

A fever is a temperature over 100.4°F.

If you arrive at the clinic for your treatment with any of the above symptoms, we will ask you to come back once you’re better.

The acupuncturist on duty will take your temperature as part of their assessment.

We will waive the acupuncture cancellation fee if you are sick, so please call to cancel if you are unwell. PLEASE be sure to call us 237-8920 if you are unsure or have questions. We want to know if you’re sick and stay in contact with you.

If you come in for a treatment with a mild cough or sneezing, you will be asked to wear a mask, even if you are not contagious. (You can bring your own mask.) You cannot take them off to blow your nose or cough; once you don a mask, it must stay on your face throughout your visit at the clinic. We understand it may be from allergies, asthma, or even heartburn, but there is a lot of fear in the community right now, and in this case, it’s a courtesy to those who are scared and a requirement if you are coughing/sneezing while at the clinic.

If you have a hacking/continuous cough, please cancel your appointment.

As a community clinic, we see many vulnerable people: young kids, pregnant folks, elders, and immune-compromised people. In the spirit of keeping the community healthy, please help us observe the above guidelines.

COVID-19 Changes
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