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Sliding Scale Fees

Our Fees

Our services are available to all of our patients on a low cost, sliding scale. Even the products we sell are well below the standard retail pricing guidelines. We designed the clinic specifically this way because we know Chinese medicine is often out of reach for people who need it the most. That’s people who work on their feet or in service jobs, take care of family members as caregivers, are retired, or who generally don’t have access to lots of financial resources. The average acupuncture session is Tampa ranges between $60 – $150 per session. Depending on your condition, you may want to get acupuncture more than once a week, especially when you first start care.

Chinese medicine is itself essentially low cost. It developed in China as a way of eating, exercising, resting, and receiving low-tech interventions like acupuncture. At Seminole Heights Community Acupuncture we lower your costs. We’ve set our rates so we can treat as many people as we can and the greatest number of people can benefit from care.

What’s a Sliding Scale?

A sliding scale is a fee range where patients pay based on their ability to pay rather than a specific, set fee. Our patients pay at all points on the fee scale because their family incomes vary, as do their care plans. If you’re coming in more often, you may want to pay less for services.

We don’t ask for proof of income or ask questions about your family’s finances, ever! You decide how much you’ll pay within the scale at each visit. (Please note there is an additional one-time $10 for acupuncture and herbal medicine. This covers the cost of processing new patients into our clinic systems.)

Seminole Heights Community Acupuncture does not receive outside funding or donations and depends completely on our patients.

Our services are offered at a sliding scale to separate the need for care from financial considerations. We want you to come in often enough to really get better and stay better!


Community Acupuncture

Initial treatment $25 – $50
Follow-up treatments $15 – $40<

Telehealth for Integrative Chinese Medicine

Initial consultation
30-minute session $25 – $50

Follow-up consultations
15-minute session $15 – $40
30-minute session $25 – $50

Product costs depend on which products you are prescribed. A week’s worth of Chinese herbal medicine averages $15

Services that Empower

Self-directed Care

Our approach to care is based on mutuality and respect. Whether you come for acupuncture or herbal medicine, we work to give you tools and help you experience rest and restorative healing. We don’t lecture or spend a lot of time telling you what to do; we focus on providing you care. The clinic maintains a library for patients and organizes community resources that support healthy lifestyles. In our reception area you’ll find we sell self-care products like teas, foam rollers, liniments and salves.

At Seminole Heights Community Acupuncture we believe the more we know about our health, the better we can make decisions that promote our wellbeing.

We also have a community bulletin board with local happenings. And a map of POCA clinics located around the continent. So if you travel or have friends in need of acupuncture you can always look for a nearby community acupuncture clinic.

Our patients and staff enjoy the connections and community vibe at our clinics. That’s why community is in our name.  We’re here to be together in community.

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New fees start on June 1, 2022:
😴 Acupuncture $25 - $50, sliding scale
💻 Telehealth $50
🚩 Missed appointment / Late cancellation $25

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